Change The Current State of YouTube

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If you have been on YouTube for awhile, then you know what is wrong with it. YouTube has lost a lot of their advertisers so they can't give every youtuber ads.They tried to resolve this by automatically removing ads from videos they see "inappropriate", but the algorithm they made only support the kids channels so youtubers who make non-child friendly videos will be demonetized, or not allowed to get money from that video. The algorithm is making many youtubers leave the site because they can't support themselves or their families by just doing youtube alone. Our community is slowly being either converted into kids channels or they are just leaving. I can't stand seeing my favorite youtubers leave the site because they can't make any money while Logan Paul is tasing rats and getting monetized. As a community, we shouldn't stand for this! If we get Susan Wojcicki, who is the CEO of YouTube, to help us out, we may be able to get YouTube back into a better state then it is now by changing the algorithm to support the youtubers who make good content while demonetizing the youtubers who make inappropriate content.  If she doesn't listen, we will do this again and maybe next time we will get her to notice her own community.