Proper Judgemental Punishment Of the rapists and murderers of Monika Mahato

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Monika Mahato, a girl from purulia, has been brutally gang-raped and mudered by a few rapists, and her body has been buried, in order to conceal all possible evidences...

The local residents have been highly infuriated by this heinous act of the antisocials, and have shown their protest against this crime. But their protest wasn't lent an ear, as the main stream media was busy broadcasting the "cheap and viral political satires" only. The city is so busy discussing politics, that the news of a girl getting raped and killed means nothing to them.



Thus, a humble appeal to you all

Should we ignore the woes of one of our sisters like this?? Should the things go on like this?? A girl gets kidnapped, raped and murdered; are we merely supposed to remain mute spectators?? 



Just because Monika Mahato belongd to one of the remotest, poverty struck villages of the state, doesn't she deserve any judicial support to get the criminals arrested?? This is the question we want to put in front of the concerned authorities.


We do demand, that the culprits should be located and arrested as soon as possible. Also we do want the authorities to let us know, what actions they have taken so far regarding this issue...


So, it's an appeal to all the citizens, to share this post as much as possible, by signing the petition below...