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Supreme Justice Scalia Needs To Step Down For Promoting Malicious Animal Torture Videos

We, the undersigned ask of you the demotion of Judge Scalia:

A member of the US Supreme Court, Antonin Scalia is in favor of illegal activities of promoting malicious animal cruelty and torture smut videos. He should not hold such position of power of decision as he is promoting illegal activities that embarrass the decent US Citizens.

Muslims, for example, find such media most appalling and disgusting-so saying these videos are okay does NOT promote world peace.  Crush kitten/crush puppy and malicious animal torture videos (such as dog fighting) is a pure embarrassment to the United States; it gives the impression to the world that we as a nation are barbarians full of perverts. President Obama took a lot of time and effort to promote peace with the Muslim nations, so Judge Scalia's ruling is counter productive toward that goal.

-Malicious animal torture videos, which can be downloaded even by children (and they do out of curiosity) by countless websites across America, spreads deviant and Antisocial Personality disorders (as testified by the American Psychiatric Association), and promotes future serial killers, thugs, and violent criminals. Isn't America violent enough? FBI profiling also confirms animal torture leads to serial killing and violent criminal behaviors, and people watching such videos desensitizes individuals to do it in real life, for they learn to derive *pleasure* in torture and screams of agony.  Human beings are the only species on earth that takes pleasure in torture and killing-but it's a learned behavior-so why are we promoting anti-social and violent behavior to sexual deviants who will also not hesitate to show these videos to their children. Also, minors download this smut out of curiosity, even upload them to such media sharing websites like YouTube.

America holds most of the world's serial killers (85% are here!), close to 17,000 people get MURDERED every year in America, and 30,000 people die of gun shot wounds-yearly. The pure violence in America is absolutely mind boggling. And here we have a Supreme Court Justice who says-ok, sure, fine, crush kitten, crush puppy videos, animal torture-it's all good!
Please demote  Judge Scalia, and do not give him any position of power where he can promote a national embarrassment of low basic instincts and criminal activities.  Please save our Country, protect our children from this horrific smut, and may God continue to bless America.


Thank you!

PS interesting article for your to read!

U.S. v. Stevens Recap: a Distinction Without a Difference -- Violence Against Animals is Obscenity, Not a First Amendment Right

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