Ban Republic TV - Arnab Goswami spreads false information and hate amongst Indians.

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With Republic TV, Arnab Goswami biasedly shows the ruling government under positive light for monetary benefit. While it's one major reason, the other reason is this: he targets the minority of India. He regularly tells Muslims to migrate to Pakistan and it hurts me as it makes me feel unsafe. Being a taxpayer as well as a responsible citizen of India, I don't deserve to see this when I expect a media channel to present me facts. Moreover, his behaviour is completely against the ethics of journalism. He raises his voice to anyone who outspeaks him and calls them names. In fact, he assasinates their character which can become a threat to those people even if they are innocent. The worst part about it is even students fall in that category and we have seen the repurcussions in the form of a recent attack on the JNU student Umar Khalid.