Qnet ban in india

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Qnet is fraud company please stay away from this and save innocent people who don't know about them so please BAN this fraud company in India ..

Only advice and facts for PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW QNET

1.I would advise everyone those who get calls from your friend saying that there's a great business opportunity to work with me and you are the best person I would think to be in the business never jump of the joy just ask him WHAT IS THE BUSINESS ABOUT AND HOW WILL I EARN SO MUCH MONEY?

2. QNET people or friends will call you in a way as if they are very busy in the business and have a little time to talk to you about business offering. They will call you saying I have a little time to talk. There's a great business opportunity for you and you are the perfect person to join me in this business which will help you earn 3-4 Crore in 5 years. I am recommending your name for an interview and it will be scheduled shortly and please carry pan or Aadhar card. They’ll also tell you the opportunity comes very rarely and only 2-3 candidates will be selected.

3. At this moment anyone gets a question WHAT'S THE BUSINESS ABOUT and the curiosity to earn crore within years arises which makes you ready for an interview. My friends I honestly advice you to ask him THE DETAILS OF YOUR ROLE IN THE BUSINESS. These freakouts won't reveal the answers and will tell you to come and attend the interview and then they'll show the plan.

4. Guys at this point just tell them email the details of the interview along with the role description because when we look for a job we do check in the role and then enroll for interview. We do read in detail the job description. But I bet you these people won't mail you but will only beg you and lure you for this thing. Just stay away.

5. These guys will tell you that the results are shortlisted. Infact you get shortlisted as soon you send your CV. More info the guy who called you continues calling 50 more people and fool them the same.

6. In case you attend the interview, prior to that your friend who invites you will tell you rules that the senior manager is very strict, answer questions truthfully and incase if we speak a lie you're out of the business. And they will also advise you to Switch off the phones. My friends the manager is only the upline who will only brainwash you with nonsense facts to get you in the business. They tell you to switch off mobile phones so that you don't record it.

7. During the interview your friend is advised by his upline members to provide drinks or beverages to the interviewer so that you feel something great about the interviewer’s personality.

8. In the interview they don't even reveal the name of the company. They start brainwashing you and in the end they'll only show a fake plan which is direct selling.

9. Everyone that attends the interview gets selected in the business after they brainwash you and you feel a Change in the atmosphere around you.

10. After you’re almost ready to join them they'll speak very in a low voice for an investment around 3 Lakhs within A WEEK and that’s the time anyone gets uncomfortable and you get following things in mind

1. How will I get so much money from?

2. If I don't join my friend to the business he won't trust me anymore

3. I want to earn crore within years so this is the perfect thing for me

4. With this arises your friend in the situation and you’ll feel that if he has done it so comfortably then this will also be a cup of tea

5. You'll get questions at home to get money from parents but to approach them gets you in trouble because you don't know the name of the company and the exact business.

6. in this context you tend to ask your how did you manage the money from?

7. These people will always disturb you every night calling you and persuade you to join them the next day with investment.

8. With this situation, it pressures you about the money and the position for the business. Simultaneously your friend tells you stories to join him and you make stories to avoid him.

That's the best way I think I have summarized and hope people getting out of it ESPECIALLY INNOCENT PEOPLE.

QNET firstly targets INNOCENT PEOPLE to get into business because they get into trap easily and that's the income the uplines get firstly. My friends I honestly advice you to advice any innocent friends even if they may be your enemies to get away with this crap because once anyone enrolls it’s too difficult to sustain the environment and you live like a fake individual like Di Caprios wife in inception.

People working there are told to hide your sad expression and to show off as if you are very happy in the business but infact they are more troubled from inside and they control them from inside.

Just by fooling others makes you more hurt from inside. It's very sad and depressing as well.

Your friends and family lose your TRUST

Stay away and ACT WISELY


Please sign this petetion so ban this fraud company in India ..Many indian are in this trap so please help this innocent people..