Jail Khadim Hussain Rizvi for spreading Terrorism among Pakistan And Destroying Properties

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Jail Khadim Hussain Rizvi on the behalf of spreading fear and terrorism among the whole country of Pakistan. as well as destroying Public Properties 

And make them repay the value they destroyed. 

Roads were blocked.

Due to this importing of daily agriculture items were heavilyeffected.

School,Collages and Universities were closed since 2 days because of him and his Rioting Group

They have caused so much damage to the overall image of Pakistan

Numerous cars were burnt,

Numerous people were hurt.

Numerous Buildings were raided.

Green belts around the roads are burnt.

A Woman died while giving birth because she couldnt reach an hospital

A Man in his 65's died because of an heart attack because he as well couldnt get to an Hospital

They aren't just damaging their own image they are actually destroying Pakistan indirectly as well as the image of Islam globally 

This isnt the teaching of so called "Islam" he likes to preach 

Everything he is doing is against Humanity Rights


If he wants to challenge Supreme Courts decision then he should post a counter case on it. Blocking roads causing mayhem isnt the way of getting things done

Islam does not teach us to spread chaos instead Islam is the religion of peace 

TLP should be disbanded and Khadim Hussain should be jailed A.S.A.P


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