Stricter laws should be adopted for killing of stray animals

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Well basically the crimes and injustice against stray dogs or any other stray animals are increasing tremendously ... Don't they have the right to live? Like we do... Over time several cases are coming forward of killings of stray dogs all across the country such as the NRS Medical College and Hospital case where two nursing students brutally killed 16 puppies in the campus, although they received literally no punishment for their inhumane act just a few days in jail ... 

I came across this article  while I was searching about this matter...

"Under the Indian Penal Code, offences against animals are treated as damage to property or assets. Under Section 428 of the IPC, a person can face a two-year jail term for killing or maiming a pet animal worth Rs 10 and a five-year jail term if the pet animal was worth Rs 50 or more. However, as strays belong to no one, they cannot be considered an asset and are thus not covered under the law. "

As you must have read the last line there is no punishment for killing a stray dog.. why? Because they belong to no one!!? Come on they are a part of the environment .. they have equal rights of living as any other animal or human being.. This is truly unfair... It's high time that the laws should be revised  and changes must be brought in. 

It is my humble request to the government to change this law... And the people killing stray animals must be punished.