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Raise against hate towards Bramhins

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Brahmins are one of the most respected communities in India. Unfortunately the history of India shows brahmins as negative character due to some members who acted in a wrong way towards other castes. But now a days, brahmins are really facing negativity and racism threats in India. They and their profession are shown as funny characters and negative characters in movies and social medias. Many other foreign missionaries and communities are spreading hate in the minds of innocent Indians and creating social inequalities in the society. Today, the community of brahmins have become minorities and facing huge problems in the society. As brahmins, we demand supreme court to pass "Bramhin atrocities act (BAA)" in which any person who targets/ makes fun of bramhins community/ shows negativity towards bramhins in movies or social media must be punished severely just like SC ST Atrocities act. STOP HATRED TOWARDS BRAHMINS.

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