Justice for Ankur Khandelwal

Justice for Ankur Khandelwal

1 April 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ramesh Khandelwal

"We are calling on the government and the apex court to review and change the laws of drink and drive accidental cases.
We demand cancellation of bail and rearresting of accused"

I am Ramesh Khandelwal (71 yrs old ) father of CA Ankur Khandelwal requesting you to please take a 'Moment for ANKUR’ and sign our petition.

Ankur Khandelwal was a Chartered Accountant , working as a Vice President in Credit Suisse company. He was a kind hearted person living happily in Pune with his wife and 9 year old son.

A man named Jovinson James , who was heavily drunk, irresponsibly drove his red polo car over my son CA Ankur Khandelwal in pune on 7th of March 2021 while he was walking on footpath along with his wife and 9 yr old son.
This man with his car squeezed my son in high speed . He was heavily drunk,was driving carelessly at a very high speed . He lost control over his car which turned to the opposite lane over the footpath and collided heavily with Ankur and boundary wall of society where ankur got sandwiched between the car n the boundary wall. The impact was so powerful that the boundary wall behind ankur got completely dismantled and even vehicle parked inside were damaged.

He was drinking and driving and a open bottle of alcohol was found in his car which was sealed by police. Inspite of feeling guilty after coming out of the car he misbehaved and shamelessly stated "SO WHAT IF I AM DRUNK" in front of 8-10 eye witnesses.

Though Pune Police arrested him on the spot but on the same day he was granted bail ( inspite of sunday).

Deceased was in great pain had fractured both legs, both forearms, right elbow, right arm, shoulder blade with collar bone, multiple rib and spine fractures and had chest and abdominal injury resulting laceration of abdominal organs. After 18 hours of struggle with life he took his last breadth. We lost dear one very close to us.

Beyond the heartache, grief and anger we feel towards the driver, we also feel betrayed and frustrated by the legal system of this country. He was granted bail on same day (inspite of sunday) .

Ankur had too much to cheer the life and his family but his and his family plans and hopes for the future were snatched away on that day

Death due to driving drunk is a very serious crime. Drink n drive is not accident, it is a decision!  If you are in charge of your vehicle after drinking then you are a dangerous driver and driving recklessly should not be used at all!

We want to cancel the bail and bring back the accused behind the bars.
*This is a sheer case of culpable homicide*.

Your signature would be a step towards making a change in the right direction. We, the family members of Ankur ask you to kindly sign this petition and request your friends to sign as well , to get the maximum number of signatures possible so that it reaches the deaf ones.

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Signatures: 49,277Next Goal: 50,000
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