Support urgent reforms to ensure Zimbabwe's 2018 Elections will be Free, Fair and Credible

Support urgent reforms to ensure Zimbabwe's 2018 Elections will be Free, Fair and Credible

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Diaspora Zimbabweans started this petition to Southern African Development Community and

Zimbabwe is a country that has seen an estimated 40% of its population migrate due to economic and/or political reasons – the diaspora. The diaspora in turn remit some $2+ billion per annum to their families in Zimbabwe BUT they are denied a VOTE. That’s right the people keeping the general population afloat – are denied a vote – even though it is permitted within the Zimbabwe Constitution.

This fact and others are itemised below to clearly show that elections in Zimbabwe are NOT Free, they are NOT Fair and they are certainly NOT Credible.

Given all this, the regime and its apologists are trying to claim that the Elections now slated to be on 30th July 2018 will be Free and Fair.

We are seeking justice and influence from the International Community to ensure that Elections are free, fair and credible in Zimbabwe – at present they are clearly NOT.


Petition: The Zimbabwe government must complete electoral and related reforms to facilitate free, fair and credible elections in 2018 as follows:

1.           All State Legislation pertaining to the Election Process, Voter Registration and the Zimbabwean Electoral Commission (ZEC) that is in direct conflict with the 2013 Constitution to be repealed immediately.

2.           Reconstitution of the ZEC with the involvement of the opposition as represented in Parliament. ZEC must be permitted to carry out the functions assigned to it in Section 239 of Zimbabwe’s 2013 constitution in an entirely independent manner. Including, but not limited to, that No Political Party Member can be directly involved in the polling station administration and counting of the votes. That the printing of ballot papers by any agency is clear, transparent and open to validation by opposition parties including the significant main opposition group.

3.           The flushing out of Military Personnel and ZANU PF Officers in the Electoral Body [ZEC] and the prohibition of soldiers/CIO/military intelligence (or any arms of the state/state resources) from campaigning for the ruling party or influencing the outcome of the forthcoming polls whether by direct or indirect intimidation.

4.           International observers, including those from the US, the AU, the SADC and the EU are permitted to observe the entire electoral process, both prior to, on, and following voting day, including monitoring polling stations and counting centres, and are able to independently operate in a manner enabling them to access and analyse vote tallying, tabulation, and the transmission and content of voting results.

5. Immediate publishing of the provisional voter’s roll (in physical and electronic formats) that was used in the recently completed checking exercise, and publishing of the full voter’s roll (in physical and electronic formats) before the nomination court sits. A full independent audit of the full voters roll to ensure no manipulation that compromises its legitimacy.

6.           Allow all candidates free, full & impartial access to State media, which must afford equal time and coverage to all registered parties, in an impartial manner, and must be able to campaign in an environment that is free from intimidation and violence

7.           Civil society organisations should freely and independently be able to carry out voter and civic education, observing as well as conducting a parallel voter tabulation exercise at all levels within the current voting system.

8.           All government records including Voter Records, Births & Deaths, Passport Records, Drivers Licenses held on computer servers and other records are NOT to be kept at Army Barracks any longer for fear of data breaches, intimidation and poor governance.

9.           The diaspora voter registration to be carried out immediately at Embassies in South Africa, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and elsewhere by the simple expedient of availing BVR terminal machine(s) at the Embassies and allowing Zimbabweans a vote for the position of President as per the constitution and irrespective of State [Unnecessary] Legislation.

We hope that you are able to support the general population within Zimbabwe, and those disenfranchised within the diaspora by signing this petition.


Sponsored by the people of Zimbabwe


The results of this petition will be presented to the following

•            Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)

•            E Mnangagwa (Current President)

•            R Mugabe (Past President)

•            All Civil Society Groups Zimbabwe

•            MDC Alliance

•            ZANU PF

•            NPF

•            NPP

•            And all other Political Parties in Zimbabwe

•            SADC

•            AU

•            SA Government

•            UK Government

•            USA Government

•            European Union

•            United Nations

•            All election observer missions

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!