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Support The Personal Injury and Accident Victims Protection Act

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Every year in Ontario, people injured in car accidents turn to personal injury lawyers to help them get the money they need to recover. Lawyers often take these cases on a contingency basis, taking their fees from a portion of the settlement. "You don't pay if we don't win!" is an all too familiar slogan which has resulted in money intended for accident victims going to lawyers and their advertisements.

WHEREAS we the drivers of Ontario continue to experience that Legal Contingency Fees are a growing problem that has preyed on injured citizens, and;  

WHEREAS a disproportionate amount of financial settlements now go to those who profit from the system as opposed to putting us back to health; 

We the undersigned petition the legislative assembly of Ontario as follows: support Bill 103, The Personal Injury and Accident Victims Protection Act, 2017; and take action and conduct a full study, to be publicly released by December 31, 2017, into the use of Contingency Fees in personal injury litigation and the impact they have on victims’ settlements.

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