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Support the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza


On May 23rd and 24th, CODEPINK activists were assaulted after standing up to disrupt Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to Congress and speaking the truth about the occupation of Palestine and war crimes in Gaza. You can help prevent an assault on the nonviolent activists on the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza by signing on to our petition. The Flotilla is scheduled to set sail in the second half of June to the besieged Gaza strip.

At least ten ships with dignitaries, doctors, professors, artists, journalists, and activists, as well as construction supplies and humanitarian aid, will sail from ports in Europe to Gaza in an act of non-violent civil disobedience to persuade the international community to fulfill its obligations towards the Palestinian people and end Israel's four-year illegal blockade of Gaza.

This is the second, large-scale citizen-to-citizen flotilla to be launched by international grassroots groups. Organised by 14 national groups and international coalitions, the flotilla will carry approximately 1,000 passengers. It includes a US boat named The Audacity of Hope, which will have aboard dozens of dedicated social justice activists (visit:  

The last Freedom Flotilla in May 2010 included seven vessels carrying nearly 700 passengers from 36 different countries. Israeli commandos attacked the boats, shooting and killing nine passengers, injuring over 50 and imprisoning all aboard.This tragedy opened the subject of Gaza on the world stage and put considerable pressure on Israel to ease the draconian siege on Gaza – something the international community had failed to do for 3 years. For more information about the Free Gaza Movement, visit:

We ask you to sign this petition to show the overwhelming public support for an end to siege of Gaza and the rights for Palestinians. We also demand that the American administration apply pressure on Israel to ensure that passengers are not violently attacked and to allow the flotilla to sail to Gaza.

Letter to
President of the United States
We urge you to apply political pressure on Israel to ensure that the passengers aboard the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza are able to arrive safely in Gaza. 

One year ago, an international flotilla of peace and solidarity activists tried to break the siege of Gaza. Israel took military action against the Turkish ship, the Mavi Marmara, which led to the tragic deaths of nine civilians on board, including one American.

The Freedom Flotilla II, set to sail in late June, will hold around 1,000 passengers who aim to peacefully travel to Gaza and highlight the plight of the people of Gaza, who are living under siege. Over 50 American social justice activists will partake in this mission aboard a boat named The Audacity of Hope. There are all committed to nonviolence and see this voyage as part of their responsibility to end the collective punishment of the people of Gaza imposed by the Israeli government. We ask for your support in ensuring the safe passage of the flotilla and achieving our broader mission to lift the siege of Gaza.


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