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Support the Fatwa on Freedom of Expression And Religion (FEAR)

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Tradition is tough to change.

The Muslim world is full of great people, and Islam is a great religion. But one thing that's not great- that's really terrible, actually- is that in many parts of the Muslim world, it is a crime for Muslims to question Islamic tenets, to be perceived as "offending" Islam, or to leave the faith. It's punishable by law in many countries, and in other countries it is informally punished within the family or community, so deeply ingrained is antipathy towards perceived "blasphemy and apostasy." 

This is one tradition that needs to end today. We hope everyone discovers the deep wisdom and spiritual truths that Islam contains. But nobody in the world should feel they cannot question it, criticize it, or reject it, out of fear of retribution by the law, their community, or their family

You can help end it by supporting the Fatwa on Freedom of Expression and Religion. Sign your name. And tell your friends. Read the entire Fatwa below, and Jazakh'Allah Khair.

The Fatwa on Freedom of Expression and Religion

  1. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful:
  2. As Muslims who cherish our God-given right to worship free of constraints from governments or other human beings, we call today for the complete elimination and eradication of any worldly forms of persecution or punishment directed toward any individual or group of individuals, for the expression of any non-violent religious belief, including conscious rejection of any tenet fundamental to the creed of Islam.
  3. For while we, the undersigned, affirm the rightness of Islam, we also affirm the right of every individual to choose for themselves how they interpret their religious obligations as a Muslim; or to choose to follow the tenets of a different faith, or no faith at all.
  4. We affirm that this accords with our interpretation of the Holy Qur'an, which states clearly and unequivocally in Surah Baqarah, Verse 256: "There shall be no compulsion (in the acceptance) of religion."
  5. Our affirmation is further supported in Surah Yunus, Verses 99-100: "And had your Lord willed, those on Earth would have believed, all of them entirely. Then would you compel them in order that they would become believers? It is not for a soul to believe except for by permission of Allah, and He will place defilement on those who do not use reason." 
  6. We affirm furthermore that any statement to the contrary by any past or present Islamic scholar is one that we find fault with, and is not binding on we Muslims who have signed this petition.   
  7. This call is directed towards every Muslim-majority government and non-state actor; and every Muslim community and family; and every Muslim individual.
  8. We urge the entire Muslim world to affirm that the crimes of blasphemy and apostasy- whether real or merely supposed- are private matters, between each individual and his or her Creator exclusively.
  9. Let there be no confusion for anyone that Freedom of Expression and Religion is a protected right in Islam.
  10. And Allah knows best.  

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