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Support The Admission of Turkey Into European Union For World Peace

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Dear friend(s) of Turkey (Türkiye);


In 1963, the European Economic Community (EEC) gave Turkey a firm commitment concerning its accession to the European Union (EU) by signing the "Ankara Agreement".

Since then, that engagement has been confirmed many times, especially during the Helsinki (1999) and Copenhagen (2002) European summits.

Having made Turkey wait for decades, it is now time, at last, for the European Union (EU) to keep its word ! It's important to point out that the European orientation of Turkey is more than a fact, it's obvious :

- Turkey has always belonged to the European group of nations: it is a founding member of the European Council (EC) since 1949 and one of the sustaining pillars of the Atlantic Alliance (NATO) since 1952 ;

- Turkey shares the cultural and historical heritage of Europe, as proved by the Anatolia region which is a real open-air museum. We also have with the Turkish nation common values and destiny ;

- The European orientation is within the Turkish Republic itself, the foundations of which are rooted in the ideals of the French Revolution and the Enlightenment. So, it is no coincidence that Turkey is to date the only Muslim country in the world to have incorporated laicism in its constitution ;

- For decades, Turkey has been a faithful and devoted ally and an important player in Europe's defense against the Soviet menace.

We owe Turkey part of our prosperity because it has contributed and still does in a significant way to our security and the maintenance of peace in our continent, a part that none of the other candidate countries to EU has ever acted.

In this respect, we are in moral debt to the Turkish nation. If we want a Europe that can exert its strength and make a difference world wide, then the admission of Turkey within the EU is a necessary decision.

Thanks to that accession, the influence of the EU will spread from the Balkans to the Turkic speaking Central Asia, via the Middle East, the Caucasus and the entire Arab-Muslim world.

The admission of Turkey will change the strategic world balance in favour of the European nations.

Turkey proved that Islam is compatible with democratic institutions and laicism. To that effect, Turkey is a model and an unequalled reference in the Islamic world.

The EU is today confronted with an historical opportunity : to integrate the only Muslim country to have chosen modernity instead of fundamentalism, emancipation instead of woman's subjugation, education instead of ignorance. It is a chance for Europe. We must take it.

To say 'yes' to the admission of Turkey into the European Union is equal to refusing shock of civilisations and wars of religion.

Therefore, I, as a European citizen, ask our political representatives:

- To start, as from 2004, negotiations with Turkey and to facilitate and accelerate its integration into the European Union ;

- To support and encourage Turkey which is currently carrying out important and courageous reforms in order to fulfill the Copenhagen standards ;

- To take steps so that Europe will keep its appointment with Turkey and History.


"Support The Admission of Turkey Into European Union For Building A Bridge From Asia to Europe and For The Global Peace."

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