LIVES MATTER. Support Taiwan's Participation in the World Health Organization 支持臺灣參與世衛組織

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Taiwan is EXCLUDED from WHO participation in recent years since China has been exerting pressure on the WHO. Chinese efforts to exclude Taiwan from WHO participation hinder an effective global response to public health crises, creating a LOOPHOLE in fighting against epidemics, such as the 2003 SARS epidemic and the ongoing Chinese coronavirus health crisis (2019-nCoV - Novel Coronavirus).

The SARS epidemic demonstrated that Taiwan’s isolation from the WHO has infringed the right to health of the Taiwanese people, as 73 Taiwanese people died of SARS and another 273 people suffered from the deadly disease. The tragedy happened due to a lack of information on the virus, easily preventable if participation were allowed. 

Despite the breakout of the Chinese coronavirus health crisis, China and WHO is apparently not learning from the catastrophic past and continue blocking Taiwan from accessing world health information.

LIVES Matter. Please support Taiwanese participation in the WHO and advocate for Taiwan.

  1. Taiwanese people call on friends from all over the world to SIGN this petition, ADVOCATE for Taiwan and SUPPORT Taiwan's PARTICIPATION in the WHO to ACCESS health information to STOP the CRISIS from SPREADING. Taiwanese people's right to health, a FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS, should not be infringed just because of unreasonable politics reasons. LIVES Matter.
  2. Taiwanese people call on the WHO to include Taiwan into the WHO in it by STOP BLOCKING Taiwan from accessing crucial world health information IMMEDIATELY and let Taiwan share health information with the world. It is the responsibility of the WHO to ENSURE right to HEALTH of ALL PEOPLE regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, social class, and sexual orientation. According to the Constitution of the WHO, "The objective of the WHO shall be the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health." Taiwanese people definitely should be included in the WHO as the objective of the organization shows. LIVES Matter.
  3. Taiwanese people call on governments worldwide to support Taiwan's participation in the WHO, and DO NOT succumb to Chinese pressure. LIVES Matter.
  4. We also call on China to STOP EXERTING PRESSURE on WHO and governments worldwide IMMEDIATELY! STOP ISOLATING Taiwan from the WHO. HEALTH MUST NOT be a political issue. STOP KILLING PEOPLE! LIVES Matter.






  1. 臺灣人民請求世界各地的朋友簽署本連署書,並為臺灣向您的政府發聲、支持臺灣參與WHO取得世界衛生資訊,以阻止疫情加劇以及悲劇重演。臺灣人的健康權(屬於基本人權)不應該因為不合理之政治因素受到侵害。臺灣人的命也是命
  2. 臺灣人民呼籲WHO立即允許臺灣參加WHO相關活動以及疫情資訊之取得。呼籲WHO立即停止將臺灣阻隔在世界衛生安全網的行為。保障全人類之健康權是WHO的責任,無關國籍、人種、性別、宗教信仰、社會階層、性傾向。根據世界衛生組織法,WHO之成立目的為:全人類獲得最高之健康標準。顯然台灣人民不應被WHO排除在外,WHO不應違背其成立宗旨。臺灣人的命也是命
  3. 臺灣人民呼籲世界各國政府支持臺灣參與世界衛生組織,不要屈服於中國之政治壓力。臺灣人的命也是命
  4. 臺灣人民呼籲中國立即對WHO及世界各國政府施加壓力,不要阻止台灣參與WHO。健康不應作為政治籌碼玩弄,事關人命!停止殺害臺灣人民!臺灣人的命也是命