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Support Monetary Policy Reform in the US

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Urge Presidnet Obama and the US House and US Senate to:

"Put the Federal Reserve under Treasury, so the money power belongs to the people again and NOT to private bank," to quote US Representative Dennis Kucinich.

Article I, Section 9, gives our government the ability to create money.  In 1913, we privatized that by creating the Federal Reserve.  Since then, the central bank has been essentially determining our money policy.  To democratize the monetary policy is to go back to th 1913 act and to change it in this way: Put the Federal Reserve under Treasury, so that the money power belongs to the people again and not to private banks.

We have a debt-based economic system.  It's not about the resources that you have.  It's about the debt you're going into.  We think about our national debt.  We don't think about our national resources.  Why do we think that way?  Because government's been borrowing money from banks for years.  And WE pay the interest on that.

If you take away the power to create money and out it back into the hands of the government, then instead of creating money by borrowing it and paying interest, you get the money DEBT-FREE.  And when you do that, you can put the money into circulation for social and economic purposes--for the NATION.

Look what's happening in WAshington.  Massive amounts of money are being transferred from the public into the hands of a few, and they keep talking about how our debt is expanding.  They're going to use that later on--just watch and see--to push the US into an IMF-style structural adjustment.  They'll try to knock down Social Security, and reduce education funding.

That's why WE have to take a stand.  Monetary policy is imperative for all of us.

We MUST challenge the banks and how money is addressed in our economy.  This is a key issue for our future and for the world's future as well.

We need to start thinking of money in a different way.  It's a creature of the law.  And because it is, we do have power over it.  That's why the founders wrote the Constitution the way they did.

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