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So this idea has been somewhat floating around for a while , on the additives put into plastic including filament could be healthier then it is currently

And thats why i made a petition on
To push for people to have a option
To choose whats more friendly for those with allergies to plastic & or people with multipule chemical sensitivity but also those with asthma

 i used the symbol of a inhaler as a symbol of those who struggle with asthma

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note this is very technical , but focuses on pushing for chemically minimalist pure plastic filaments with no additives , this is not a targeting but rather a oppertunity to change and improve whats already out theyre , keep in mind most filaments actually have less emissions then cooking but those small amount matters to people who are sensitive to additives ,

mentions if we had no additives in our plastic it would be healthier not just for us as a human population , but the environment including making filaments that do not leach out additives that can be found positive in blood tests such as BPA and other additives

Also even though there are generally safe at the appropriate temperatures , it can however be a concern to people with asthma , allergies or even people with a previous chemical exposure accident

   Additionally But the goal essentially is if a chemical substance does not naturally occur in a polymer then we should have a option to have a pure version , and can add better food safety in polymer filaments

Another Examples of chemicals include formaldehyde , and other VOC’s

 also now including the need to remove polymer stabilizers in plastics including filaments , we support the need to remove polymer stabilizers in this petition

that's why ocean plastic lasts so long and its totally a preventable cause of the ocean plastic problem


* as of Tuesday may 29 2018 

 its now pushing for these standards in the filaments that the specifications are for filaments that are

    * bio compatible for people and marine life

      * based off of natural sources and environmentally friendly ( and without industrial grade chemicals )

* and all VOC's 

i have re-calculated at 5 mg of emissions per a 250 ml cube that's being melted all at the same time ,

you might wonder why more , well its still not a problem because at this level it would still take 28.08 3dprinters running at the same time melting 3mm diameter filament at 3 inches melting through the extruder at the same time to equal what normally would be just one of these 3dprinters


( with a exemption of hypo-allergic substances that are compatible with metabolism in people that are not sensitive to those with asthma or multiple chemical sensitivity )
for example just homemade style corn starch plastic would be a minimalist plastic

all other specifications should be the same except for which plasticizer, for which i recommend using safer plasticzers such as acetate and or glycerin as a plasticizier for pla as one example of a additive replacement

While we want bare polymers , we should also consider green chemistry and using bio plastics


Sigmald adrich has made 12 principles of green chemistry

 they are

·        Preventing waste

·        Atom economy

·        Less hazardous chemical production

·        Designing safer chemicals

·        Safer solvents and auxiliaries

·        Design for energy efficiency

·        Use of renewable feedstock

·        Reduce derivatives

·        Catalysists

·        Design for degradability

·        Real time pollution prevention

·        Safer chemistry for accident prevention


We call on as much filament brands as we can to have all of this and the above in place

Please support this if this is what you want in our world