Petition Closed

The Premier of Ontario has committed to re-introducing a stronger Local Food Act to support our local farmers and eaters.

We think the government can do more to create jobs in Ontario like they've done with sustainable energy, by supporting the fast-growing local sustainable food sector, while making the province a more awesome place.

Please sign if you agree and want more diverse local food!

Letter to
Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne
Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne
During the leadership campaign, you committed to pass a strengthened Local Food Act to increase local food in public institutions and "to develop goals and targets around the production, processing, distribution, sales and marketing of Ontario food."
Thank you.

We ask that you help us achieve results in our local food economy by reviewing the Local Food Act through a jobs lens, to create more work for rural, urban, and suburban Ontarians in small and medium sized enterprises, while promoting a more healthy and fair society.

Please pass an Act that increases our consumption of healthy local food and creates new jobs by:
- Supporting all hospitals, educational and other institutions to increase their purchase of local, socially and environmentally sustainable food;
- Conducting a review of business regulations to ensure that small-scale food and farm enterprises have a level playing field and fair chance;
- Creating support and funding for community food programs and social entrepreneurs in low income communities to reach their full potential.

I hope to hear from you.