Promptly install lights at the sand volleyball courts at Kennedy Park Miami Fl.

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In Nov. 2015 park regulars and community residents including but not limited to court users, lobbied the Superintendent and Director of The City of Miami Parks and Recreation Department (Don Lutton and Kevin Kirwan,  respectively) with a proposal to improve the lighting of the three sand  volleyball courts at Kennedy Park. This included a petition in Jan 2016  which collected approximately 100 signatures. After additional and follow-up communications, the City agreed to secure new lighting for the courts.

During the period from January to March 2018 the City of Miami, Parks and Recreation Department:

  • Created a lighting plan
  • Purchased lighting equipment
  • Delivered lighting equipment to the courts, and
  • Scheduled installation, to occur before the time change in late Spring 2018

However, a few weeks after the lighting equipment and poles were delivered, the lighting equipment and poles were placed into a storage area in the South  parking lot. The City advised that the Parks Department would need to “host some public meeting with neighbors and park users in order to discuss the operating hours of the park and the addition of lighting and other  amenities and upgrades such as the restrooms, etc.”

The meeting has not yet been scheduled. But we plan to attend the meeting with as many supporters as possible and we will inform and encourage supporters to  attend.  However, we want to make sure we maintain momentum so that  installation of the lights does not delay further and proceeds and is  completed before the time change in the Fall of 2018. The purpose of  the petition is to push for this outcome.

Please sign this petition to show your support. This petition will be presented to the Mayor, commissioners, and representatives of The City of Miami Parks and  Recreation Department.


To:  The Superintendent and Director of The City of Miami Parks and Recreation Department 

From:  Park users

Regarding:  Installation & activation of new lights for Kennedy Park sand courts by Fall 2018

I strongly support and request prompt installation of the lighting for the existing sand volleyball courts at Kennedy Park. Reasons include but are not limited to, the following:

  • The lighting plan design has been paid for and is complete
  • The lighting equipment has been purchased and is awaiting installation
  • The lights are an improvement to the existing lighting
  • The existing lighting is inadequate for the courts
  • The courts are used for a variety of activities and sports
  • The courts cater to kids during the day and adults after 9-5 hours
  • The new lights will make the park safer
  • The new lights will create greater enjoyment of the courts and park by current users
  • These are the only sand volleyball courts serving the Park’s immediate geographic area. The other nearest Park (which is lit) is Margaret Pace Park. Those courts and the rest of the park are at capacity with numerous activities
  • The lights should not disturb Park's neighbors as many of their homes are set way back from the road and covered by many trees
  • We are requesting a reasonable time, around 10 pm to have the lights on which is only a little longer than when the sun retreats in the summer at 8:40 pm
  • Parking should not be a big problem as the parking lot nearest to the courts (south side) is nearly empty when the sun goes down

I request that the The City of Miami and the City's Parks and Recreation Department proceed with the prompt installation of the already purchased and delivered lighting equipment per the plan and do so now before the time change, in the Fall of 2018, so that I may continue to enjoy the Park.

Thank you for your continued support of improvements to the courts and the fun, healthy and inclusive sports the courts provide.

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