Choose a Better Bag

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Ironically polypropylene bags now sold in our supermarkets use more energy & material than the lightweight single use plastic shopping bags that were banned over the past 2 yrs in Australia.

Unfortunately many end up in landfill after just one use.

They are a poor quality product that break very easily.

In landfill they break up into microplastics polluting land waterways & oceans.

If washed they release micro fibers; tiny threads of plastic.

Being of low cost for the consumer to purchase means it has no value & is therefore easily discarded, unfortunately the cost to the environment is colossal.

It's estimated they need to be used at least 104 times to make a difference to the environment.

The bags also have misleading advertising on them such as "Environmentally friendly" "Choose Green" "Bag for life" 

Choosing to refuse poor quality & single use plastics is one simple way we can help the environment.

Choose sturdy product designed to last.

Bring your wallet, bring your bag, its that simple.

(Supermarkets can offer cardboard boxes for customers who forget to bring their own)

Prior to the 1960s we managed without these harmful products.

Behaviour change we can easily make for a healthier planet & a healthier us.

Be the Change.