Change Google Maps representations on J&K when accessed outside India

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Dear Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google Inc

We would like to hereby bring to your notice that accessing Google Maps outside of India paints entire Jammu and Kashmir as disputed territory.

We understand the western world's world view is slow to change with new realities of this planet, but however we kindly hereby request you to correct the travesty about Jammu and Kashmir on Google Maps.

As of today even the United Nations no longer lists Jammu and Kashmir as disputed territory, but however Google Maps continues to represent this travesty on its portal.

We petitioners expect that as CEO of Google Inc, you have adequate powers to not only bring to the notice of the people who run Google Maps, but can also get to change such travesties displayed when Google Maps are accessed from outside of India.

Kindly oblige the same. We believe you are a bigger celebrity in India than in America and as a person of Indian origin, with so much business interests in India both employees wise as well as Market wise, you should take corrective action on the same to reflect the reality of 2020 on Google Maps.

Kindly do the needful and change the depictions on Google Maps w.r.t J&K