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Suffolk County Legislature: To introduce a resolution calling for the repeal of the NY SAFE Act

To date, six counties in New York; Ulster, Lewis, Warren, Washington, Madison and Oswego, have passed resolutions calling for the repeal of the law. In addition, resolutions have been introduced and are pending in Jefferson, Erie and Ontario counties. Many of my neighbors and friends feel that it is time for Suffolk County to join these other counties and let the Governor know that law-abiding citizens in this county resent many of the proclamations in this new law. We feel that many of the initiatives in this law now make previously legal gun owners felons. One way this law hurts a “legal” gun owner is by restricting the magazine size to only seven rounds. At this time NO gun manufactures make a seven round magazine. After contacting many gun manufacturers I have found that NONE will make new magazines to meet this requirement. Where does that leave us? Protecting our homes and families could very easily leave us in prison.
We also feel that this political move by the Governor has nothing to do with keeping our children safe and everything to do with politics. We feel that the majority of our state representatives represent urban areas which pose a completely different set of problems for those areas. Living in Suffolk County should still count for something. We pay some of the highest property and school taxes in the Country. The benefits of living in Suffolk County will not be greater than the perils if this law is allowed to stand.

Letter to
Suffolk County Legislature 16th District Steve Stern
Suffolk County Legislature 9th District Ricardo Montano
Suffolk County Legislature 10th District Tom Cilmi
and 15 others
Suffolk County Legislature 11th District Thomas Barraga
Presiding Officer Suffolk County Legislature William J Lindsay
Suffolk County Legislature 4th District Tom Muratore
Suffolk County Legislature 15th District DuWayne Gregory
Suffolk County Legislature 14th District Wayne Horsley
Suffolk County Legislature 2nd District Jay Schneiderman
Suffolk County Legislature 13th District Lynne Norwick
Suffolk County Legislature 7th District Robert Calarco
Suffolk County Legislature 1st District Al Krupski
Suffolk County Legislature 6th District Sarah Anker
Suffolk County Legislature 12th District John Kennedy
Suffolk County Legislature 18th District William Spencer
Suffolk County Legislature 17th District Lou D'Amaro
Suffolk County Legislature 5th District Kara Hahn
Suffolk County Legislature 3rd District Kate Browning
To introduce a resolution calling for the repeal of the NY SAFE Act

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