Support of Scobie Edwards as Principal of UFA

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Scobie Edwards is the principal of UFA. She has been a victim of bullying and harassment for emails that she has chosen to send out to the school community. After the riot at Capitol Hill, Scobie sent out an email amplifying the words of a student at her school, which included an account of events and her disapproval of the attack on democracy. The situation came to a head when a group of parents expressed their dismay about Scobie's use of the school system to express her disappointment. The response was emails and calls where parents used unprofessional language, including swear-words, and attacked Scobie's character. As a social justice school, it is our responsibility to speak up about events like the assault on the Capitol. From day one, Scobie has been there to speak up about racial injustice and sexism, and has amplified and been supportive of the voices of her students. Scobie is a kind soul who lights up the hallways of UFA. We will not stand for the verbal abuse of our principal and do not approve of the call for her removal. Please sign and share this petition to show your support for her.