Students Deserve Better: Lower the Tuition Fees as Classes Move Online.

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Students have already faced an immense amount of pressure throughout the pandemic. The lack of job opportunities throughout the summer and the common struggles they faced just like everyone else, has added to their pressure.

In addition, an unknown future to their education as well as new adjustments to the school systems amid global health uncertainties adds a heavy weight to their mental health.

Students deserve to continue their education in peace. The pressures at school and the existing competitions are already devastating. Adding financial burdens will only burn students out. Specifically, if the fees are unjustified and unfair.

Nate Denaro, a student at York University, has calculated that even with a reduced fee, he'll spend about $270 this coming school year on athletics and recreation, saying the school's decision to not drop the fee altogether is "outrageous."

Students are already under lots of pressure paying for the current high tuition fees. They remain years in dept after graduation to pay for college/university fees. Having students to pay for services they are not using is unacceptable. As classes migrate to the online version, students do not use the facilities such as the gym, libraries, on campus health centers or other in person facilities. 

Maeve McNaughton, a fellow Ryerson student, explains it this way: "We are paying a good amount towards campus maintenance, campus building access, athletics access, recreation... and we can't access any of them."

Final words: Our students are the future of our country. With them already worrying about finding houses and placements, finding jobs, figuring their academics out and staying safe during the upcoming school year, they simply just "burn out" having to worry about things they shouldn't have. The least we can do to help is reduce the fees not simply out of courtesy; but because they are NOT USING THE SERVICES!

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We can do better than this, Canada.


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