Please help change the proposed online schedule for THS!!!!

Please help change the proposed online schedule for THS!!!!

August 5, 2020
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Why this petition matters

To everyone associated with Tahoma, please keep reading - 

Many different committees have focused on drafting a schedule that accommodates the majority of the students for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. Despite having student and parent voice, a large majority of the concerns have been disregarded. The current plan is a fully online model that involves students attending 4 classes (periods 1-4) during Q1 and Q3 and the other 4 classes (periods 5-8) during Q2 and Q4 if still online. The goal to limit stress and course work is evident, yet it fails to acknowledge the many issues. 

Issues include...

- Some students will have a gap of roughly eight months between learning certain subjects (March to November)

- AP students that have classes during Q2 will only have nine weeks of proper preparation prior to the AP exam in May

- Special education students will experience significant gaps in learning

- Students won't be able to have a balanced schedule between hard and easy classes (core vs. elective)

- Running start students may experience scheduling issues

Here's our proposal:

- All 8 periods will occur at once (the typical high school schedule)

- The schedule will act similar to blue/gold days where periods 1-4 occur on blue days and periods 5-8 occur on gold days 

- Mandatory zoom classes should either be limited to less than the proposed 5.7hours/day OR pre-recorded videos should be released with the option to frequently join office hours for questions

- There should be an option to only take 6 periods if it's too overwhelming

Please understand the intention of this petition is not to disregard the countless hours that have gone into the proposed schedule; instead, we want to support our students. 

Thank you for the support!

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Signatures: 1,021Next Goal: 1,500
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