Tuition Refund For York Students

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We demand that York University refund Winter Term and Full Year Courses due to the strike between CUPE 3903 and the York University Administration.

The strike has had a direct impact on students’ ability to learn materials, engage in class content, and effectively develop skills. York University did not give us proper remediation for our classes, thereby reducing the quality of learning. Remediations include Pass/Fail options, and an assessed grade that is determined based on 70% of our coursework. Having a Pass/Fail option undermines work that has already been completed and is not counted towards a GPA. For graduating students, this could be a deterrent to further Graduate Programs or opportunities. An assessed grade based on 70% by definition short-changes us of the full course materials. These choices are not acceptable for students and undermine the work that has gone into our paid academic classes this past year. Confusion is apparent on campus due to this lack of transparency.

We also demand full refunds for all graduate students for all courses missed because of the strike. The strike is the result of the York University administration’s refusal to bargain in good faith. Education is a human right, and both graduate and undergraduate students have been "yorked" by this administration and deserve full refunds of the tuition fees we have paid.

The University claims that it is business as usual on both the Keele and Glendon Campus. The remediation process is unclear and is causing anxiety amongst students. Students deserve the right to complete the learning objectives of our courses and that right is being violated. It is only fair that we are financially compensated.

We want these demands met by the end of the school year.


Undergraduate Students at York University.