Dress Code Change For Greene County School

Dress Code Change For Greene County School

April 7, 2021
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Why this petition matters

The dress code for Greeneville City and Greene County Schools is restrictive and discriminatory against the students. Students should not be sent home because their attire is found to be against the code. This not only restricts the students from being who they want to be, but it also does not allow them to express themselves through the clothes they wear.

However, we understand why some rules are in place. For example, crop tops if lifted can reveal the breasts of a girl. We understand why clothes with this much exposure of skin is against the rules, however we ask that Greene County schools take the time to understand the students’ point of view on clothing and hair dye in the school system.

By signing this petition, you are asking for a change or at least a talk in the change of the system’s school dress code. 

These are the following changes we are asking for, but if not all changes can be made we would like a definitive reason why.

1) Hair coloring. 

2) Clothing such as legging, ripped jeans (to an extent), non low cut tank tops, shorts (to an extent), etc. 

3) Accessories such as nose rings, ear rings, and anything else involving accessories.

The banning of these products are stifling to a individuals self expression. Some students may have difficulty expressing themselves in the way that other students do, so allowing these products to be allowed to be worn will allow a student to express who they are in a harmless and healthy way.

Some of these rules are discriminatory against girls being who they want to be. For example, we girls, as a collective body, have seen boys with jeans, shorts, etc that severely violate the dress code not be punished. While girls who wear the same thing will be sent home because of their clothing.

 The hair coloring ban stifles the students the most. If a student is allowed to dye their hair it can not only allow them to express themselves, it can also can prepare them for college where many people have their hair dyed. By exposing them to hair dye now, the school system prepare them for collage where they are exposed to society more.

School dress code should change because students are forced to go school. Why continue to send kids to a school that will send them home because they want to express themselves? Allowing a dress code change will help stop kids from being sent home and allow them to continue their education unhindered. 

We ask that if you believe that the Greene County School and Greeneville City school Dress Code should change please sign this petition. We do not care if you are a Student, Parent, Teacher, or former student we just ask that you sign the petition if you believe that the code is unfair to the students and teachers.

We thank you for reading our petition and if you sign we thank you too!

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Signatures: 1,277Next Goal: 1,500
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