Acquire a “no detriment” policy and the option to retake finals at Middlesex University

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We are pleading for Middlesex University to follow footsteps of other UK universities such as Exeter, Southampton and Warwick to implement a no-detriment policy, as well as the option to retake end of year exams and assignments for those whose performance has been negatively affected by Covid-19.

Covid-19 is effecting every student, particularly their mental health. Many were unable to finish this year’s curriculum leaving us at an unfair advantage for exams in which we are unprepared for, as well as over £3,000 wasted on the final term. Furthermore, some cannot access facilities that are usually available, such as WiFi, libraries and overall adequate learning environments- this is as well as individuals becoming ill themselves or losing loved ones. All of these factors will impact our true ability and unfairly impact our futures.

This policy will allow students average grade to not fall after the exams, reflecting the students true abilities rather than being lowered as a result of fear and anxiety. If students are able to do better in these final exams then their mark may be increased subsequently. And the option to retake the exams at a further date where facilities are available to every student is particularly fair for those unable to access necessities, such as computers, textbooks and fast Wifi connection.

We understand that this pandemic is out of the universities control, but we need these measures to be taken across all universities in order to compete fairly in the labour market after we graduate. Middlesex University need to prioritise mental well-being and equality at this unusual time more than ever before.

*adapted from other universities petitions that have been successful*


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