Reduce rent by 50% for students

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Due to the extreme conditions of the COVID-19, the University of Waterloo and many other universities have decided to shut down its in-person classes and group activities and conduct online courses instead of keeping the students safe.
In light of this, I am here to ask the management office of student residences to at least cut down the rent by 50%.

We understand that some students are still living in the KW area; however, most of us have returned to our home towns by now or by the end of this week. Therefore, if we only need to pay 50% of the rent, it would substantially decrease the amount of pressure on both the students and the parents. Many students rent housing from the KW area rather than living in residences provided by the school. Due to COVID-19, students would still have to pay for housing that they are not living in.

Having to pay $600-1000 a month (depending on where/what you rented) is a burden on the students because we are paying the full rent and not living in the residence; this makes it a waste of money ( adding on to the debt that we already have from tuition). When we signed the contract, we planned to be in the KW area at least until April/August of 2020; however, considering the current situation of the Canadian borders being shutdown and travels suspended; it has become a national issue that we have to face together.

Many of my friends’ parents are on break without any pay. The amount of pressure it would be for them to still pay for a room that they are not living in and for daily food and necessities without income is difficult, and it will increase anxiety.

We are all battling this virus together; please understand where we (the students) are coming from and consider what we propose. It is a concern in the minds of many students, and we would like to make a plan for combating this situation together.