Cancel student debt this academic year

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Cancel student debt this academic year

Sheffield Students' Union has always opposed fees and the marketisation of higher education. We have policy “Quality doesn’t grow on fees” which can be found here:

This academic year has been particularly challenging, with Universities collective representatives failing to find a solution to prevent strike action; a global pandemic stopping the University functioning as normal; and the costs of living for students reaching a breaking point across the sector.

Sheffield Students' Union is publicly calling for all students to have their debt cancelled for this academic year.

Further to that, we think the current situation strengthens an argument that the current University system adopted nationally is not working, and that Universities need to be free, fair and fully-funded.

For avoidance of doubt, once debt is cancelled for this academic year and we’ve come out of the other side of this pandemic; Sheffield Students’ Union is making a further argument that all student debt should be abolished.

Sign this petition, and join us in the work towards a fairer Higher Education System that works for everybody.

Once you’ve signed, please share on your Social Media with the Hashtag #CancelDebtNotFutures and let's get the conversation started as a student movement!