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The Humane Slaughter Act only covers cows and pigs it does not protect any poultry. All animals and poultry suffer and feel pain. Even with the Humane Slaughter Act in place animals and poultry are still frequently mistreated by workers at the farms, on the way to slaughter and at the slaughter houses. The slaughter methods are inhumane. The stun systems are ineffective and many animals/poultry are either skinned, boiled or dismembered alive and are aware of pain. These procedures need to either stop completely or at least be much more heavily monitored.
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Letter to
President of the United States
We are writing to you with our deep concern for the animals and poultry in commercial factory farming. Animals and poultry are very frequently and horrifically abused at the farms and on the way to slaughter as well at the slaughter houses. All animals and poultry feel pain. If we are going to eat meat and poultry we need to at least treat these animals and birds with respect, decency and without unnecessary suffering.
The Humane Slaughter Act only applies to cows and pigs. There are no laws protecting poultry from pain and abuse. Even with the Law many animals have been insufficiently stunned before slaughter, and so therefore suffered pain being dismembered or boiled fully aware.
I am respectfully asking for your attention to this matter. Please help end the suffering to all animals and birds raised for human consumption.
Thank you for your time.

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