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Stricter Laws For Daycare’s in Indiana

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I received a call from CPS, a month ago, saying that they had videos of two workers from my child's daycare that I needed to watch. I immediately left work and met the worker, who had just come from a surprise visit at the daycare, Kids Care Academy, in New Albany. She had her state license with her, so I knew she was legitimate. She assured me that my child was okay right away so that I wasn't worried and proceeded to show me several recorded videos from the daycare's live feed camera system. They showed two different workers on the same day being very rough with my child.

1st Video - One worker, who is no longer employed there, grabbed my child by his arm and yanked him off on to the floor from the top of foam blocks that were stacked.

2nd Video - Another worker, who is still employed at the daycare and was only placed on temporary leave after the CPS visit, had my 2 year-old in time out for several minutes, at which point, he tried to get up and she grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him back. He sat for another few minutes and tried to get up and she ripped him back by his arm so hard that he grabbed his arm crying. She never checked to see if he was okay but continued to make him sit there for a few more minutes. Another child walked up to him and he reached over to the child and patted him on the shoulder. When he did this, the worker, smacked his arm. More time goes by and he tries to get up again and she places her hand his head and pulls him back around. **EDIT - I have been told that this worker is no longer there**

When I went to pick up my child, the owner showed me only the second video and asked if she could rewind the video so I could see why my child was in time out to begin with and she said that her system wouldn't let her do that. I then asked if I could watch the videos from the last 30 days at some point and she said that unfortunately she couldn't do that either. I told her my child wouldn't be returning because of the situation and I left it at that.

The daycare continued to charge my card for tuition after my child was pulled from the school and refuses to reimburse me for it. They say there is a clause in the enrollment agreement saying if you don't provide a notice then the will charge you for 2 weeks of daycare. I had no choice but to pull my child out immediately for the sake of his safety. In my opinion, that was null and void when the daycare violated the terms of their own agreement by failing to provide a safe environment for my child which was promised in that same agreement.

I'm hoping this will serve as a big warning for parents who are looking to send their children to a center, not just this one. Please do your research. For example, a simple search of the daycare owner's name would have helped me understand the type of person she is. Here's a link if you are curious to see the type of person who is allowed to open up a daycare in Indiana.

Since posting my story on Facebook, I have received hundreds a comments and messages from parents who have similar stories as mine at this same daycare. We are all wondering the same question, how can a daycare get away with this? We need stricter laws so that facilities like this one are held responsible. Did you know that a daycare can have their license revoked and still reapply to be licensed again at a later date?

There are several changes that should be made to Indiana laws regarding daycare. 

1. Child care centers with cameras should be required to keep videos for an allotted time.

2. Child care center with cameras should be required to show any video that involved a parents child to the parent whenever requested. 

3. There needs to be a stricter system that only allows a daycare so many license violations involving improper discipline before the center loses their license and cannot get it back.

4. Implement a grading system such as the one on the food industry. Licensed centers should be required to have a grade sign posted when you first walk in. They should also have to post their license status, such as when it has changed to probationary.  

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