poor cat abused with fire crackers in his mouth needs help

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Prety was really a pretty cat whose love was misused by two human devils,

2 days before a musically video of cat abuse gone viral in our area in that video two teen age women posing while abusing a cat with fire crackers on its mouth and making it explode we were shocked after watching that and started to investigate for the origin of the video and found that it was sasi and devi who were training nurses in a nearby private hospital with the help of local animal activists we had reached them yesterday and filed a complaint of animal abuse against then having the video as an evidence after making several question we found that they did it for fun ,ohh they are cold herated said one of our colleges and then rescued prety from them and what we saw is even cruel 

yes,the cracker which exploded in preti's mouth had de- formed his jaw into two pieces and made very severe damage to his face with a lot of pain she cried for help but both of them made fun on her so now today  after the vet's examination prety was sedated and given the first aid she was fine until the sedation works but after that she began to cry in pain we are really broken to see such a cute cat crying in pain, after we discussed with the vet about her de-formed jaw and condition of other injuries and what they said was ,in prety's case her jaw got de-formed, lost lot of blood,and deep burns which also affected some nerves and the pain she is bearing is much higher so she was kept in mild sedation in order to reduce her pain, her jay sre-forming surgery and other medical expenses would cost around $500 )Street dog shelter is a small and local organisation which was being run bu students and working teenagers studying all over India and works in a thin margin of donations and volunteers so that it is impossible for street dog shelter to have some huge funds to spend,we have more than 328 voiceless to care for so please donate and aid us in Prety's treatment 

Amount needed $500

Donation url (SDSpaypal)- https://www.paypal.me/streetdogshelter1

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