Justice for dog who was sexually assaulted by owner and thrown in trash

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Alia was a cute cute dog who always wanted to e loyal with Khali (her owner) everything was fine until khali got unemployed and started to spend his time alone, at his loneliness he used to watch porn and spend his time when days passed his loneliness and the habit of watching porn made him to do this brutal thing to alia his little dog it ,yes this happend yesterday (saturday) when khali was alone at his room when his parents went for a family function,khali made alia as a prey for his sexual desires,alia trusted him but what he had done is brutal for her, she started to cry in pain,but there is no one to help but when her cry got continued for more than half an hour people nearby guessed something wrong happening in khali's home and khali so they started to knock kahlis doors but he did not opened the door so they tried to break the but but before that khali escape from his home through the back door and threw alia in the trach and tried to escape but people around there managed to catch him and handovered him to the police there are several criminal cases was filed on him including animal abuse ,but what is even brutal here is the situatio of alia she was found crying inside a trash bucked near his house she had severel injuries in her head and hind legs also she got bleeding from her back and was tired and crying when we got ther we are worried about her condition and took her to the casualty section of STS vet hospital she got several injuries in her internal organs (i cant mention here ) and was in a critical stage and fighting for life as of today we had spet