Confirmed victory

A man in Greece attempted to kill three stray dogs by repeatedly beating them with a sledgehammer. On December 23 2011 in Moschato, near Athens, the man lured the dogs with food inside a fenced yard and, wielding a sledgehammer, proceeded to smash two of the dogs on the head. The third dog managed to escape before the door was shut. The remaining two were victims of his unspeakable brutality. Their screams brought people to their windows and doors. The man’s reply to the numerous shouts from witnesses begging him to stop was that he would do the same to them if they intervened. One brave woman called the police. Upon their arrival, the man had thrown one of the dogs, Rigas, in a garbage bag and was on his way to finish off the remaining dog, Duke. The man was apprehended and the dogs were quickly transferred to a doctor. Rigas, the most severely injured of the two, passed away on the 30th of December. A CT scan showed that a piece of his skull bone had lodged itself in the brain. Duke is, as of 1st of January, reportedly out of danger. He is still in shock and afraid of people.

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The first trial date has been set to 9th of January. Please ask for maximum punishment!

Letter to
Δημαρχείο Μοσχάτου - Ταύρου
Mr. Kostas Skandalidis
Ministry of Culture & Tourism
and 4 others
Minister for Rural Development and Food
Mayor Andreas Efthymiou
Secretary for Rural Developement and Food
Hellenic Republic Prime Minister
I am contacting you regarding a recent case of animal cruelty involving a man who brutally attacked two stray dogs with a sledgehammer on Miaoulis Street 69 in Moschato, on December 23, 2011, 10:30 am. The Albanian man is already known by the authorities for previous incidents of animal abuse and for displayed violence towards family members. It is indisputable that this was an act of sheer evil. The manner in which the dogs were killed - the repeated smashing with a sledgehammer and the threats made to passers-by if they should intervene – clearly indicates that this man must be contained in order to prevent further acts of violence. An individual who is capable of committing such callous and cold-blooded murder deserves a severe punishment and long imprisonment.

There have been an overwhelming number of animal abuse incidents in Greece that seem to have been met by bureaucratic indecision. It is shameful that the authorities allow this violence on defenceless victims to continue. Violent acts toward animals have long been recognized as indicators of a violent psychopathology - people who commit acts of cruelty against animals do not stop there. There is a need and demand for a positive development and an immediate halt of such unnecessary violence. Such behaviour should not be tolerated. Animal cruelty must be taken seriously by law enforcement and by prosecutors.

Anyone who values sentient life will not tolerate the treatment of animals and will boycott Greece as a travel destination. The government must take modern and effective measures to improve the welfare of animals by for instance investing in a network of municipal shelters that maintain veterinary supervision, mandatory sterilization, vaccinations, microchip identification, and responsible adoption policies, but also to seek help from organizations abroad with the expertise in animal protection legislation and humane education. Current animal protection laws must be enforced, new regulations with stricter laws and penalties against animal cruelty must be enacted. Violators must be prosecuted and penalized in order to set an example.

Please put an end to these atrocities towards animals. The man responsible for this horrendous crime must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Thank you for your time.