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A butcher in Skopje, Macedonia, recently murdered a stray dog by repeated stabs using a butcher's knife. The dog, who was looked after by local residents, had never shown any signs of aggression. The butcher has confessed to committing the murder, claiming that the dog had attacked his wife and child the previous day, although according to the local clinic, no person had required medical attention for a dog bite on that day.

Unfortunately, animal abuse occurs on a regular basis in Macedonia, due to the lack of proper legislation. Please demand for a severe punishment for this horrendous crime and for the implementation of stricter animal abuse laws !

Letter to
Mayor of Skopje Koce Trajanovski
EU Mission to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Veterinary Directorate Health Unit
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Veterinary Directorate
Mirjana Apostolova
Meri Kostovska
Skopje Public Relations
Lovren Markic
Public Relations
Mr Konstantin Jovanovski
It has come to my attention that yet another case of animal abuse has occurred in Skopje, this time by a butcher. According to eyewitnesses, the butcher stabbed a stray dog that had been taken care of by local residents, claiming that the dog had shown violent behavior the previous day, although this claim has not been validated by any of the eyewitnesses. On the contrary, local residents have confirmed that this dog had never shown any signs of aggression. This man committed a vile act of murder and has proved to be a threat to the surrounding. I ask that this man be severely punished for his vicious crime.

Furthermore, such cases of animal abuse prevail in Macedonia because of meager punishments sanctioned against the perpetrators. Animals are victims of horrible acts of violence that must be taken seriously. Violent acts toward animals have long been recognized as indicators of a violent psychopathology - people who commit acts of cruelty against animals do not stop there. Such violent behaviour should not be tolerated. I request that you set an example by implementing stricter laws and penalties against animal abuse and animal cruelty.

Please send out a clear message that animal abuse is not acceptable !


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