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Stop Virgin Media dodgy trading practices!

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The contracts we sign with Virgin Media, mean nothing.

We ask Ofcom to take action specifically in case of Virgin Media, and review The Code of Practice, as it no longer protects us. 

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The demands are reasonable: FIXED TERM IS A FIXED TERM. Full stop.

  1. No changes are allowed during the fixed term of the contract.
  2. The price increases can happen only outside the fixed contract term, maximum once a year, and increase capped at 10%.
  3. Full disclosure of any factors known to affect the service in the area, like over-subscription, must be made compulsory: i.e. cannot sell 200mbps in an over-subscribed area where there are already problems.
  4. The advertising and contract terms must be fully aligned. i.e. Free is free, and not "templorarily free", 100 is 100 and not 5. Fast is not slow.
  5. Pro-active refund for the under-delivered and disrupted service, automatically. 

We ask Ofcom to review the code and implement these changes to ensure the protection for consumers.

Virgin media ignore fixed terms and put the prices up (more than once) during fixed contract. The speeds are too often below expected due to over-subscription in the area. FREE equipment turns out to be a LOAN equipment and costs you 100+ if you cannot return. Getting through to customer services is a mission impossible.

Where does it end? Shall we wait until Virgin Media, encouraged by quick profits and lack of resistance, decide to change the fixed term from 2 to 5 years? Triple the price? Do that every month?

Why is it happening? Because they can: Ofcom Code of Practice allows them to do that.
The Code says that they can put the price up with a notice - but nothing about recency of fixed term, or frequency of increases, or scale of increases. For all we know, they can do it every month if they want to, and Virgin is getting closer to that threshold.


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