Stop Violence Towards Peaceful Protesters

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Stop Violence Towards Peaceful Protesters

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In order to stop violence towards peaceful protesters, we must stand strong with peace and dignity to preserve our rights as civil human beings. We must also allow others, whether we agree or disagree, to have the same rights as our own and without harm. This is vital to maintaining our own freedom. The reason this petition to stop violence towards peaceful protesters was created is because there is too much police brutality in too many cities across the nation. Don't believe me? Please take a minute to reference the Facebook page for this petition. There, you will see many clips and articles demonstrating the level of violence towards peaceful protesters. This has to stop.

Currently, we see multiple incidents spread across the news and Youtube where protesters appear to be beaten with rubber bullets, batons, pepper sprayed etc. This has to stop. If people aren't violent during a protest, why should they have to face violence from the one group of people we need to be able to trust to keep us safe (police)?

It is important for any person, group, government offical, or any authority, including our own US president to send a message stop violence when it is totally unnecessary. If we are going to stand against violence, as a nation, to other countries, why are we facing the same type of violence in the USA? We must stand together, in unity, to fight violence, bullying, and ignorance. It is these things that we must replace with peace, truth, and open mindedness. Understand that everyone has different views and just because they are different, doesn't justify abuse or violence in any manner.

We can't stop it, unless we take a stand together in solidarity to make a statement. Let our voices continue to be heard without disruption! We are the people of the United States. We have first amendment rights and must protect our freedom of speech. Let's make it known we will not stand down and we know our rights. Let's stop violence against our freedoms now! Please sign the petition!

Let us make this message heard and fight the violence! Please sign this petition to the president to stop violence towards peaceful protesters.

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