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Nallamala forest being the lungs of AP,TELANGANA lots of acres of land is to cutted (trees) down and a Tiger natural sanctuary is been in danger as the permission is given on URANIUM MINING by cutting trees ! DEFORESTATION

Uranium mining will lead to an imbalance in the ecological system and will pollute Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar reservoirs. As the proposed area is adjacent to river Krishna, the mining will contaminate the primary source of drinking water,” he said. They resolved to fight unitedly cutting across party lines and affiliations.

The Department of Atomic Energy is likely to begin exploration for uranium deposits in Amrabad tiger reserve following an approval of a exploration proposal by the State Board for Wildlife here on Tuesday (Dec. 6). The board approved permission for an exploratory survey in 83sqkm of forest area in the tiger reserve in Amrabad and Udimilla in the former Mahbubnagar district (currently Nagarkurnool district) and in Narayanpur of Nalgonda district.