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Pure bred Beagles from China have been imported into India (Advinus Therapeutics, Bangalore) falsely as pets, for clinical trials and toxicology testing. Most of these beagle are debarked just so that the lab technicians handling them do not get irritated. These Beagles undergo tests that they are not even sanctioned for. Lethal doses of toxic agro-chemical are injected into these animals, in the absence of anesthesia, to monitor physiological changes/affects. In reality Advinus has been sacrificing the beagles at the end of their study based on Drug Toxicity Testing Protocol.

I recently adopted one of the female beagles rescued from Advinus Labs. Its painful to see her with such a traumatized past. After we got her home, the first 2 weeks were tough. There were nights where she would sit up in the corner of my room shivering head to toe probably thinking I would hurt her.

I need your help to carry forward this petition to as many as possible and turn it into a reality. Kindly sign if you care.

Letter to
BTM Layout Assembly Constituency, Loksatta Party Ravi Krishnareddy

MAY 2013
This Petition is to bring to light the atrocities (beyond consent) towards Beagles by Advinus Therapeutics, Toxicology Centre, Peenya, Bangalore. The TATA firm, not only conducted clinical experiments on a number of young Beagles but also transported them from Beijing, China under the false pretense of keeping the beagles as pets. The Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experimentation on Animals (CPCSEA) was falsely stated on an Animal Quarantine & Certification Service document that the dogs were "pets", rather than experiment subjects.
Even Peter Langslow, general manager of cargo services, Cathay Pacific Airlines (airline through which the beagles were imported to India) had been guaranteed by Marshall Biotechnology (research beagle breeder from China) that the dogs were being shipped for breeding purposes, specifically for `blood type matching and breeding genetic research’ and that ‘they won’t be hurt or killed as Lab Animals. However, in reality Advinus has been sacrificing the beagles at the end of their study based on Drug Toxicity Testing Protocol (#409, by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).
The Toxicology Centre has also carried out debarking process for some of the Beagles. This action however does not have any scientific purpose, shows the extent to which Advinus has gone to make their study convenient and less irritable (as some technicians found the howling and barking of beagles annoying).
Through this petition, I expect action against animal testing/ usage of animals for clinical trials with regard to the following aspects, (i) stringent regularization of transporting animals from foreign breeders, (ii) accountability/justification to a government body/organization that is led by the Ministry of Health, India/ equivalent, for a particular test performed with supporting scientific data and (iii) the public must have rights to passively adopt one /more beagle while the animal is still in quarantine. The latter inevitably helps policing of the extent to which these animals would be subjected to usage. Ultimately, in the long run, I do expect amendments/scrapping of the Drug Toxicity Testing Protocol.
A suitable government body must have complete access/rights to monitor these testing that occur at private labs. Care needs to be taken that the animal undergoes no degree of physical or mental torture/pain. If needed, testing may be done under anesthetized (optimized dosage) condition when used in experiments that has painful side effects. The animal should be allowed at least 4 hours/week of recreational time with the passive adopter outside the designated quarantine.
I request a generous participation from the public to turn this petition into a reality. Please sign it, if you care.



Ashwini Janakiraman

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