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says our Hong Kong Chief Executive, Carrie Lam

On 16th September 2018, Hong Kong’s highest warning level of T10 (equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane) was in effect for more than 10 hours. With wind speeds of 175km/h, high-rise buildings swayed, windows shattered and 46,000 trees fell down.

At it's most intense stage, maximum sustained wind speeds near the centre of the storm clocked in at 195km/h, making it the most powerful since Typhoon Hope in 1979, and stronger than Super Typhoon Hato last year.

A dog (since named Tyson, after fighter Mike Tyson) came to everyone’s attention on social media as he struggled to survive in the sea on a small overturned boat for over 24 HOURS during Typhoon Mangkhut.

A few members of the public put their lives at risk trying to rescue Tyson. At one point, Tyson fell into the water and could not be seen. Thankfully, he was rescued the following day and is now safe at Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation’s shelter.

The known owner was contacted upon the day of his rescue and told the SPCA that Tyson was “not his dog”. As Tyson was not microchipped, no legal action could be taken against him. This is why we have created this petition, Tyson needs justice and we MUST stop this cruelty from happening in the future.

A local vet, who treated Tyson after he was rescued, reported that he had severe damage to his eyes, possibly obtained swimming against the debris in the rough seas during his fight to survive during the typhoon.

Since Tyson was rescued, he is still very much in a state of trauma and shock. His recovery, both emotionally and physically, will be slow but SKSF’s kennel manager Kathy is working on him every day in an effort to rehabilitate him.

Another dog in Hong Kong was also seen chained up during Typhoon Mangkhut on a fishing boat, which did not have any shelter. After many concerned messages, the “owner” finally retrieved his dog. This behaviour is unacceptable!

Two other dog’s carcasses were found floating in the waters near Sai Kung and Hebe Haven, more victims of Typhoon Mangkhut! Why were these dogs not on land and safe?

Not only is the dog’s life at risk but also innocent people who will go out of their way to rescue a dog in distress. Laws need to be urgently created, prohibiting dog owners from leaving their dogs on boats or fish farms exposed to typhoons.


  1.  A Government law to be introduced with a fine of HK$20,000 and prosecution against the registered boat owner or floating fish farm licensee for keeping a dog on a boat/floating fish farm during a typhoon.

  2. The Marine Police to have power to require boat owners to produce, upon request, proof of dog ownership license in compliance with HK's Government dog licensing law. Failing to produce a licence for a dog without Rabies microchip, the dog's owner will be issued a warning to comply and failing to register the dog will incur a penalty.

  3. Prior to a typhoon, the HK Government to air on local television warnings of the obligations of boat owners and floating fish farm licensees to remove all dogs from boats and floating fish farms upon hoisting of a T8 announcement. 

We must protect the dogs and stop any further neglect or cruelty.

PLEASE SUPPORT THIS PETITION ensure dogs are brought onto land and not to remain or be kept on boats or floating fish farms during typhoons. 

We hope our Tyson will fully recover from his trauma, one day.

Narelle Pamuk
Chairman of Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation

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