Stop Nilgai Culling in Bihar

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The district administration of Muzaffarpur in Bihar has decided to kill the Nilgai in view of the demand of farmers amid constant damage to crops by wild animals. A campaign to kill wild animals will be started in the district from 23 January. After warning of the farmers' movement, the forest department has started this exercise and the forest department has also taken permission from the state government. It is being told that on January 23, a campaign to kill the Nilgaias will be started from one block of the district. After that, the forest department will carry out the campaign in the remaining 15 blocks. The farmers of the district have been troubled by the terror of wild animals for a decade. 3 years ago, the central government gave 2 years to kill the wild animals, but the problem of the farmers remained clouded. There, the terror of wild animals continued.

The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change has already passed a resolution on the culling of Nilgai, Wild Boar & langur is legal if it is creating a problem. 

We would like to plead to you to consider and revisit the entire issue if there is any scope of having them relocated to lesser prey base jungles in Bihar or neighboring states, as it is Bihar is proposing for a second Tiger Reserve Kaimur. Options can be relooked into for relocating them to the proposed TR also.

In 2017 by declaring vermin a mass murder in the hands of Shafat Ali Khan the tainted hunter from Hyderabad more than 250 Nilgai's had been killed. Again this year Shafat Ali Khan & his Son Asgar Ali Khan has been called in for carrying out the mass murder.

Sir, our second plead to your goodself is if at there is no other option than culling of the Nilgai's, let the same be carried out by shooters from Police, Para- military or Army, doesnt they have able shooters to carry out the activity. Why the tainted Shafat & Asgar Ali Khan is being called to carry out the culling, Why private shooters are called in to carry out such activities by paying them, why not shooters from Police or Military or Para Military is not called in Bihar govt doesn't need to pay them.

We have already initiated a mass petition for the same through Change org to be submitted to the Bihar CM and Moefcc. I am attaching a copy of the signed petition which has been signed by 2041 people as of now from across the world in last 5 days and still people are signing it.

Sir, its our earnest request firstly Not To Allow Shafat & Asgar Ali Khan to carry out the activity and secondly to relook into the order if at all there is any scope to stop the culling and plan for relocation.