Protect our village – Help us keep VCS' development from taking another open space.

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Protect the west village: Stop VCS Construction from taking our open space

The Village Community School (VCS) is a private school on the corner of Greenwich Street and 10th Street, with an enrollment of 350 K-8 students and tuition of $48,000. VCS wants to construct a 5-story building on top of a historic playground (one of the few open spaces left in the West Village), block the facade of a 150 year-old landmarked building, and destroy a landmarked garage in order to drastically increase the size of their school’s facilities. Their plans also include digging a level below ground.  Additional information is hard to come by and long-time locals are unaware of what’s being planned. Meanwhile, VCS has been expediting approvals with local authorities in the hopes that the community doesn't notice until it's too late.  Help us get your voice heard by letting our city officials know you care!

Our concerns:

  • We don't need more traffic in the west village. We want to reduce, not increase the crowding of our streets.  A building of that size will generate more congestion.
  • We don't need more huge buildings being built on top of playgrounds. We need more open spaces, not fewer.  This project would get rid of one of the few remaining open spaces in the neighborhood.
  • We want to preserve the historic character of our neighborhood. The west village’s history and architecture make it unique in our country and world.  This project would erase multiple landmarked facades from a cherished corner in the heart of the village.
  • All community members need to play by the same rules. Square footage limits and zoning rules exist to protect the character of a neighborhood.  VCS is looking to abuse the intent of preservation laws through variances. We disapprove of back-door deals and special treatment that only benefits a minority.
  • The project will require the removal of asbestos. We need to understand the environmental impact of removing the asbestos from the building. 
  • The community has not been given enough information and time to define and get their voice heard. VCS has been advancing their plans and expediting approvals.  The community has a right to get enough time to spread the word, define their position and voice their opinions.
  • The construction will cause major disruption to the residents of the neighborhood.  A construction of this magnitude will clog the neighborhood with cranes, bulldozers and traffic for multiple years and disrupt a major bus route.
  • We don’t want other buildings being put at risk in the event of flooding. VCS plans to dig a level below only a block from a FEMA-recognized flood zone.  What happens in the next hurricane? Has an environmental impact analysis been conducted?
  • We want to keep our residents safe from potential contaminants that may exist underneath the woodshed (former garage).  Has the potential for harm been evaluated?
  • This building would only benefit 350 K-8 students who already benefit from privileged school grounds, many of whom don’t live in 10014.  Moreover, the rationale that VCS claims for this construction is building a gym. Not only would this gym be additional to their existing gym, open play space on the roof, auditorium, and other recreational spaces, but it does not explain the need for a major 5-story building.

The west village contains rich history and is unique in our country and in the world. It is our duty to protect it.  The harm to the community outweighs the benefits that VCS claims this project would provide. Together, we can stop VCS from eroding the fabric of our neighborhood.   Please help us keep the village small!

VCS is attempting to get approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission at a hearing on October 30th at 1 Centre Street, 9th floor. The matter will be discussed around 10:45 AM, and participants must arrive by 9.45am to speak at the hearing. If you care about the future of the west village, we hope you’ll join us there and advocate for your point of view.

Those who cannot make the hearing can file written comments via LPC’s Public Hearing Comments Form.