Stop the Uranium Mine at the Grand Canyon

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Every year, I visit the majestic waterfalls of Havasupai at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. People like me come from all over the world and trek 10 miles down just to witness the unrivaled beauty of these irreplaceable landscapes. These places are also a national treasure, and we should be protecting them with everything we’ve got. Instead, a federal judge has given the green-light to the Canyon Mine to reopen and resume uranium mining without the consent or consultation from the Havasupai tribe who live there. The mine could contaminate groundwater, hurt local wildlife, and impact the health of the people in Supai, Arizona.  

Those who have come to love this part of the world don’t want to see the traditional homelands of the Havasupai people abused or contaminated. Corporate greed should not win out over indigenous rights, sovereignty, and the environment. I do not want to be swimming in contaminated or radioactive water, nor do I want to see the traditional homelands of the Havasupai people abused with a complete disregard for their tribal sovereignty.  If corporations can get what they want in a place like the Havasupai inside Grand Canyon, then nothing is sacred and off limits anymore. 

I am standing in solidarity with Native American nations, environmental groups, and many others who are calling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to halt the opening of the Canyon Mine. 

This fight is also personal to me. I have not only seen the beauty of these places, but I have also networked with the Havasupai people and have gotten to know some of them. In August of 2008, I almost drowned in a major flash flood that hit the main canyon that made national headline news. People from the Havasupai tribe saved my life. With this petition, I’m hoping I can help repay the gift of life they gave me, and the sharing of their beautiful land with visitors.

Let's raise our voices together to put a stop to this insanity. Tell the EPA that we are opposed to the Canyon Mine. It is too risky and must be stopped. Let's defend the beauty and stop those who may attempt to destroy it.