Stop the spread of COVID-19 in immigration detention centres #SaferAtHome

Stop the spread of COVID-19 in immigration detention centres #SaferAtHome

58,353 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!

Why this petition matters

The first case of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in connection with Australian-run immigration detention centres has been confirmed.  As an Australian lawyer familiar with how detention centres are run, I am incredibly worried for the health and safety of the people inside these centres, including my youngest client, 2 year old Isabella. 

That’s why I’m calling for the release of these innocent people, before COVID-19 spreads through immigration detention centres. 

Isabella has been in detention her entire life.  She is two years old, and has already had the flu less than a year ago.  Her parents are beside themselves with worry as to how to keep her safe from COVID-19.  There are others who are elderly or have compromised immune systems.

Families across Australia are struggling with the ramifications of COVID-19.  The families of people in detention are no different.  We ask that these families are allowed to bring their loved ones home to see out the pandemic.  These people have safe and caring home environments willing to support them, either with a family member or advocate in Australia.

Detention centres have already experienced periods of no or limited access to soap, toilet paper, and even cough syrup.  In an already difficult situation, this creates a situation which endangers the health of those detained and also the workers in these centres.  These workers then go home to their loved ones and places those families at risk.

There is a simple solution to this emerging and potentially life-threatening situation: send these people to homes in Australia. Those without immediate families have advocates in the community who will support them.  

Politics has no place in dealing with a global pandemic. Please, sign and share this petition and stand with these vulnerable and voiceless families. 


58,353 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!