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Stop the Current Redevelopment Plans for the St George and All Saints Church

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The Church of England is planning to demolish St George’s and All Saints church on the corner of Crayford and Carleton Road in Tufnell Park, London. If planning permission is given, it will be replaced by a new housing development including a 7-storey apartment block, a new 250-seat church and a separate church hall.

The current church was constructed only 40 years ago and is rare as one of only 37 churches built in the 1970s in England. It has known many successful years both as a church and a focal point for the local community; though in recent years there has been a marked decline in its use for community activities.

Now the church say the building is unfit for service and beyond repair. They say that demolition and rebuilding, financed by the development of flats (most for sale at market rates!), is the only way forward. Residents of Tufnell Park and architectural experts disagree and have been trying for months to persuade the church to reconsider their proposals but without success.

We are highly concerned about planned demolition of this only 40-years old rare and perfectly fit-for-purpose church; the environmental impact of an unnecessary demolition; the very little truly affordable housing; the density and scale of the proposed buildings and the loss of protected trees and open space; we also believe the planned 7-storey apartment block will have an irreversible negative impact on the local area and our community.  

We, the undersigned, are concerned residents who urge the Church of England to act now to:

1) Stop the unnecessary demolition of the current St George and All Saints church.  - On the grounds that - this unique and rare church and fit-for-purpose building, merely 40 years old. It lacks nothing but a normal maintenance routine and TLC. Even the church’s website praises the facilities offered by this unique building. This building is one of only 40 purposely designed churches constructed in the 1970s. Its unnecessary demolition makes a mockery of the sustainability goals of the Church of England..

2) Stop the planned construction of a new 250-seat church and separate church hall.  - On the grounds that - the current church has a congregation of only about 35 people and a 250 seat church bears all the hallmarks of a white elephant. The existing church has ample capacity for the current congregation and is ideally suited for all manner of community activities and private hire. Demolition and market-led property development will not do anything to achieve our shared goal of reinvigorating community use of and involvement with the church.

3) Stop the planned redevelopment of the church site into private housing.  - On the grounds that - of 25 planned new flats, including a 7-storey apartment tower four storeys above the current tree line and neighbouring buildings, only 6 are planned to be for affordable rent.

Islington is the 8th most deprived area in the country, the 4th most deprived in London; it has 19,000 persons on the waiting list for social housing. Islington needs truly affordable housing, not more luxury flats. Perhaps more than any other institution in the UK the Church of England, has a moral responsibility to do all it can to support the most vulnerable members of society. If the people do not even have the church to turn to in these times of need, then where do they turn? We need a development based on needs, not wants.

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