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A sick rodeo forces mules to high-dive into a pool of water. The two terrified animals are forced with a whip up a steep ramp to a ledge. Crowds cheer as the helpless creatures, called Smokey and Dipsy Doodle, are sent plunging from a 22ft high platform into the 6ft deep pool. Billed as the world's only high-diving mule show, it is the climax of a rodeo in the tiny ranch town of Pipe Creek, near San Antonio, Texas.

See the footage:

The show's boss Bill Rivers claims they enjoy it. He said: "If they didn't like it, they wouldn't do it."

Shockingly, cops and local authorities in the town have NOT deemed the show cruel, and allowed it to continue.

Letter to
Bill Rivers
Bandera County Judge Richard Evans
Bandera County Sheriff Weldon Tucker
and 1 other
District Clerk
I am contacting you regarding the shameful rodeo act All American High Diving Aqua Mules in Pipe Creek, where two mules are forced to make terrifying high-dives into a tank of water in the name of entertainment. They emerge shaking and frightened - only to be forced to do the same thing again.

The animals' ordeal is horrifying. This act undoubtedly causes immeasurable suffering to the poor mules. You can tell that they don't want to perform the stunt when they are hesitant before the jump. This only confirms that they are being forced to perform these stunts.

This is clearly an act of animal cruelty. High-diving is not natural for these animals - mules were not meant to jump off high ramps ! This stunt may potentially cause massive injuries to them, besides causing psychological trauma. The impact of belly-flopping onto the water will cause damage to their sensitive joints. Equine creatures do not swim underwater, and being submerged is completely unnatural and frightening to them.

Both British and American vets have condemned the appalling stunt. I am deeply horrified that this show is allowed to continue. These acts of exploitation and animal cruelty have no place in a civilized society.

Cruelty is not entertainment ! Please put an end to these mule high-diving shows !


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