Stop The killing & support gay, Lesbian, Trans Rights In Iraq.

Stop The killing & support gay, Lesbian, Trans Rights In Iraq.

9 May 2009
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Started by Ali Hili

In Iraq over 630 Gay, Lesbian,Trans have been killed since 2004.

The Iraqi government must do more to protect homosexuals in the wake of a reported spate of killings of Lgbt.

Clerics in Iraq have urged followers to help root out homosexuality in Iraqi society, and the police have begun their own crackdown on gay men.

“Homosexuality is against the law,” said Lt. Muthana Shaad, at a police station in the Karada district, a neighborhood that has become popular with gay men. “And it’s disgusting.”

For the past four months, he said, officers have been engaged in a “campaign to clean up the streets and get the beggars and homosexuals off them.”

Dear Friends of Iraqi Lgbt.

Please join us on an online fundraising event to help and support the Lgbt community in Iraq.

Join the campaign on facebook event online:

We ask you, "NO WE PLEAD" to support our Iraqi LGBT brothers and sisters--- "EVERY DOLLAR, EVERY POUND, EVERY HELPS COUNTS"

Arguably, The plight of our Iraqi Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual and Trans community brothers and sisters is the biggest cause of concern in LGBT Global Equality and Human Rights today

Since 2004, an estimated 640 Gay and Trans persons have been murdered in Iraq, in the words of their killers " in the worst possible way"

In the last 2 months some near 50 LGBT have been murdered in Iraq and many more in hiding under threat of being murdered

Allegations of equality and human rights abuses to LGBT in Iraq not just by the Clerics but equally by the Iraqi Government and their police force, adequately denied by British and USA Government officials, but found to be true by Amnesty International and the ILGHRC amongst others, have highlighted more concern about sexual cleansing in Iraq

Reports of abuses to Gay and Trans persons is that the of sealing up there anuses with adhesives and feeding them liquids to cause diarrhea hence causing a slow death

Iraqi LGBT

Support safe houses project for lgbt people in Iraq.

Projects to fund for:

IRAQ: Emergency Shelter, Human Services and Protection
For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People:
The Safe Houses Project

IRAQI LGBT started to establish a network of safe houses inside Iraq in March 2006.

As of today, we have only one safe house, we had to consider closing down three of them in the last couple of months, because we are unable to keep paying the rent and other expenses.

The members of our group inside Iraq urgently need funds to open at least five safe houses. These funds will allow us to keep the five safe houses running, and provide safety, shelter, food and many other needs for our LGBT friends inside Iraq. Any funds we receive that go beyond what we need for these five safe houses could be used to open more safe houses in the near future. We desperately need to add more because we have so many urgent cases in other cities. We receive requests for shelter every day, but we are not able to help yet.

Every safe house has around 200 square meters of living space, but harbors 10 to 12 people, so is very overcrowded. The residents are struggling badly because of the shortages of almost all the basic necessities in Iraq.

Rent: We have paid three months rent in advance. The most recent payments were in April. The average rent per safe house per month is $ 600 US Dollar.
Security: We paid the salaries of two guards per house, at $ 200 US Dollar per guard per month.
Other expenses of each house: We have paid $ 600 a month for EACH HOUSE approximately for natural gas and kerosene for cooking, and for food, fuel for generators which provide the electricity supply.

Urgent priority needs: Our priorities at this stage are: natural gas or kerosene for cooking and heating; fuel for generating electricity; food; mobile phones and calling cards; money for transportation to allow residents some freedom of movement; beds, mattresses, blankets, sheets and pillows; cameras; printers; two computers; house supplies, such as cooking pans, dishes, and flatware; some furniture; clean water for drinking and bathing; soap for washing and bathing, tooth paste, razors and of course housing, guards etc.

Amount needed and how it would be spent (per month):
Natural gas or kerosene for cooking and heating - 50 GBP
Fuel for generating electricity – $ 300
Food - $ 600
Mobile phones, calling cards, and internet charges - $ 450 etc.
Transportation – $ 250
Beds, mattresses, blankets, sheets and pillows – $ 1,300 – onetime payment
Cameras – $ 100 – onetime payment
Printers – $ 100 - onetime payment
Two computers – $ 1,200 - onetime payment
Kitchen supplies, such as cooking pans, dishes, and flatware – $ 400 – onetime payment
Some furniture – $ 500– onetime payment
Clean water for drinking and bathing; $ 250
Toiletries (soap for washing and bathing, tooth paste, razors etc.) – $ 150

We also need to pay for medicines for the members of our group, doctors will come and have a home visit monthly for all members their cost is $ 400 US Dollar each month.

Thanks to everyone who has taken mercy on us for this cause to help people stay alive during this trying period.

People can send payments through our paypal account email address:

Or send Cheques must be made payable to (Iraqi Lgbt) and send to our address [22 Notting Hill Gate, Unit 111, London W11 3JE , United Kingdom].

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This petition had 53 supporters

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