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In this county we now respect the many settings in which animals are thought of as family members, team members and as support staff in medical settings.

Animals especially trained to identify forms of disease, provide search and rescue with missing persons, animals that stand by fallen military along with those that most importantly, remain faithful companions to support the lives of people with new disabilities.

Our country’s foundation is based on giving a strong voice to the needs of people in distress. We know the value of companion animals and respect their owners and trainers who see them far above being merely personal property and who invest in them time, love and training. They are a viable component of many human groups.

Pets unite us in the way in which people connect with each other. Their presence starts dialogue not only with friends but others upon personal encounters.

Pets opens our ability to communicate to others our personal events, beliefs and experiences that strongly affect our lives, relationships, even global issues in the natural world around us.

Whether they are our own pets, foster pets or therapy pets, these animals inherently and unconditionally fill many gaps in our busied and electronic age.

In a hectic society we find many disabled children or adults, empty nesters, divorced families and senior generations very much alone and a void of reciprocal affection.

Because pets of all kinds are free to love and befriend without discrimination. Pets reach out without hesitation or concern for their own safety or happiness in an effort to please, comfort and amuse people, patients and/or victims. They accompany, guard and fill the gaps of all human generations with unselfish love and devotion.

Companion animals have been a part of our lives for most recorded history and today more than ever there is absolute recognition the pet ownership has a real and measurable impact on the physical and psychological well being our national and global population.

And yet, each day, hundred of thousands of these companion pets are dumped, found as strays or surrendered by virtue of our economic and social maladies, including discrimination to responsible pet owners that rent in residential communities. And heartlessly killed.    

The role of many animal control units through the centuries in the USA were based upon agricultural needs to keep nuisance animals that were disease bearing away from livestock, farm, urban and large communities.   These are the age old reasons for "putting them down" and are antiquated legislation.

I want a congressional resolution to be created and signed into law by the President of the United States that will do the following;


A1. Redirect all private and government  funding of animal control units operating in every state to no-kill animal rescue volunteer groups to operate within existing kill facilities, everywhere in the USA. Many rescues are all volunteers and can't afford a facility. Re- evaluate temperment testing as the stress of these non normal environments often drive animal into high stress responses. 

 Re directly funding and creating no-kill rescue alliances, more normal pet care, cage free but careful environments so more people can help rescue and re-home faster and more efficiently. It's amazing what love can do. Never underestimate the will to live or the power of love. 

A2. Make a mandatory request of all animal care teaching colleges and facilities to rotate veterinary and animal care technical students for a period of no less than 6 months while they are in training to provide physical care and assistance, especially to animals being turned in for accidents, medical neglect or abuse.  

B3. Create an federally mandated alliance with pharmaceutical companies that manufacturer vaccines for all companion pets to work together and provide all animals with adequate vaccinations as they are impounded and/or released for re-homing. 

B4. Make it illegal to all persons and companies renting residential property to discriminate against responsible pet owners. All pet owners be required to to provide adequate records of their pet ownership. 

C1. Provide all pet owners in the USA with a PET OWNERSHIP tax credit for assisting in the adoption of all animals brought into no-kill shelters prevention. Provide atleast 4 tax credits per household.   

C2. Designate July 6, as Pets Live and Let Love Liberty Day a national proclamation Day ending this national tragedy.

C3. Appoint a presidential committee to create a working team of  in-the-field volunteers to work out the logistics and details. NOT BIG non for profit agencies that still have not corrected the problems.

C4. Ask electronic companies to donate live cams for animal shelters across the USA.

C5. Create a law the DEMANDS all animals shelters in the USA have live webcams site in as many possible places where animals are kept and treated so that citizens ( tax payers) can view the treatment of all animals and VIEW ALL  adoptees that may be in isolation units or held in areas not readily viewed at ALL TIMES. THIS WILL HELP REDUCE THE ABUSE & NEGLECT in our own backyard!

 Citizens of the USA, we are a great country of volunteers that can get the job done.   

I urge officials of Government at the national, state and local levels and of all voluntary organizations to plan appropriate activities that recognize the importance and worth over 100 million pets in our nation that assist the disabled, serve our communities and are considered family members, not merely as personal property, but as a vital member in family groups.

I urge all per loving Americans to take the time to honor their own pets and those in their community.

Please cross post and sign this petition so it can be delivered to the White House and all related representatives that need to hear our voices, as the voices of those who cannot speak be heard!


Composed by:

Ann Marie Schrage_Glaviano

Founder of PetsnPatients NFP

Naperville, IL


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