Stop the Katanna Oklahoma LP development!

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Attention West Shore Residents! I am calling on you for your support. 

Katanna Oklahoma LP has submitted an application to the City of Pickering to rezone the southeast corner of Oklahoma Drive & Eyer Drive (755 Oklahoma Drive) to permit a residential condominium development consisting of a total of 27 townhouse units. The conceptual site plan indicates the complex will have 7 visitor parking spots (1 wheelchair accessible) and an additional 2 parking spots per unit.

If this rezoning application is approved, we will be faced with the following issues:

- Increased traffic and noise pollution. The infrastructure currently in place can barely accommodate the existing residential traffic from the single dwelling homes as well as the newly developed units on Park Crescent, the townhouse complex on Eyer Drive and the other residential complex on Oklahoma Road in addition to the traffic and congestion during drop off and pick up hours at Fairport Beach Public School. This development will only exacerbate the existing traffic problem.

- Environmental issues. The 27 townhouse units will no doubt be producing far more garbage than the church and nursery school that is currently located there and the applicant, Katanna Oklahoma LP, has yet to provide an explanation for how they intend to dispose of the complex's garbage. For those who have witnessed the enormous pile of black garbage bags outside the townhouse complex on Eyer Rd on a weekly basis, I'm sure you do not want a second heaping pile of garbage a mere 100 metres away. 

- Safety. With the added people, traffic and congestion that this development will bring, it will also endanger the children attending the Fairport Beach Public School across the street and those walking to the nearby Frenchman's Bay Public School.  The fact that there are only 7 visitor parking spots for 27 units also indicates that the visitor overflow will end up on the street creating blindspots and more dangers to pedestrians from the vehicles travelling on Eyer Drive, exiting out of the complex and exiting Abingdon Court.

- Lastly, this development will displace the Colwell Nursery School and will result in a loss of 129 quality daycare spaces in the West Shore neighbourhood. This community has recently seen a rejuvenation of young families who rely on this nursery school and greatly benefit from the close proximity. All of these families (many of whom walk their children to and from school) will now be forced to incur the additional time, traffic and generate pollution to drive their children to another location. There is nowhere else in the West Shore neighbourhood this nursery school can move to.

Rezoning is not a right. There needs to be a reason to rezone and the need in West Shore is not for more medium density housing. It is to preserve our low density residential areas and to preserve the church & Colwell Nursery School. 

There is no need for this development! There are plenty of housing options available in the area and we are calling on the Planning & Development Committee to do the right thing and reject this application.